Discount Codes FAQs

Q: Can I use more than one coupon code for a single order?

A: The way this discount is structured, you can only apply a single coupon code per order. If you'd like to apply more than one code to different items in your cart, you may stack the coupon codes by making more than one order. Any extra shipping costs will be refunded during fulfillment of your order since all items and all orders from the same customer will be shipped in a single parcel together!

Q: When do the Coupons expire or change?

A: Coupons codes all have specific end dates listed on the respective coupons, we will be introducing new coupon codes weekly although some codes may stay active for more than week. Once a coupon expires, you will not be able to use that discount. 

Q: How many e-liquids or coils can i purchase before the discount stops working?

A: Unlimited! There has to be a minimum of 3 items of eliquid or coils in your cart for the respective discount code to work but you may add as many applicable items in your cart and the still get the respective discount.

Q: I want to buy 5 eliquid items and a Starter Kit, what can i do?

A: If you'd like a discount off all the eliquid items from your cart, use code: 2040 to get 20% off all e-liquid items in your cart. You can always make an additional order for your starter kit and get 5% off with coupon code: 2030. You cannot stack coupon codes in a single order since there's only one coupon code allowed per order. However, you can stack the discounts by making multiple orders!

Q: I placed 3 orders and got charged shipping rates for all of them. Will they all ship out separately?

A: Any extra shipping costs for more than one order from the same customer are refunded during fulfillment of your order and all your items from all orders will be shipped together in a single parcel. Only one shipping rate will apply.

Q: I want better discounts! How can I get a better deal?

A: We are always striving to help our all our customers maximize on savings while offering top of the line service. If there are certain discount codes or deals you would like to see, please forward your suggestions to If your suggestions, for discount codes and deals, get chosen to be listed, you will receive CAD $100 credit for any purchase with Doctor Vape!