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Airistech Herbva X Replacement Bullets (Coils)

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Herbva X Dry Herb Bullet Chamber Replacement

When brand new, your vape kit included an Herbva X dry herb bullet chamber. Often times these will become gunked up after extensive use. We always recommended that you first try to clean the chamber with a soft bristled brush. Make sure to never put rubbing alcohol or any other liquid into the chamber.  Remember, the chamber is an electronic device, getting it wet will certainly ruin it and can cause a potential hazard.

It doesn’t matter if you lost your Herbva X dry herb bullet chamber, want a spare, or yours has become too dirty..

Advice for using the Airistech Herbva X Dry Herb Bullet Chamber

Here are our recommendation for using the bullet chamber.  The bullet chamber is named because when the cap is on it vaguely resembles the looks of an actual bullet.  I can assure you that the bullet chamber we sell does not belong in any gun!  Just regular vape parts here!

When you receive your new chamber in the mail it will most likely have the cap screwed on.  To use it you have to first unscrew the cap.  It shouldn’t be on very tight and will loosen easily when turned.

Before you open the chamber it is important to have your dry herb finely ground. The vaporizer won’t work well if you do not grind your herb.  You want an even amount of surface area to facilitate proper compound extraction while vaping.

Fill the Airistech Herbva X dry herb bullet chamber with your finely ground herb and replace the cap.  The next thing to do is attach the bullet chamber to  the vape pen and enjoy!

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