Arymi EOCC Coils 0.5 ohms (Fits Gille) *5 pack*

  • $9.97

Kanger introduces their latest line of products. First up to bat was the Arymi Gille RDTA, and of course, the second is the Gille RDTA’s coils. Arymi EOCC coils are made with nichrome and are re-wickable. The entire body of the coil is the heating element, which forces more juice into the cotton. The extra juice and full heated coil, in turn, forces the coils to produce more flavor and bigger clouds!


  • Compatible w/ Arymi Gille RDTA
  • Recommended Wattage: 25-60 (0.20 Ohm)
  • Nichrome (Spring Style Coil)
  • Easily Rewickable Cotton


  • 1x - 5 Pack Arymi EOCC Coils

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