Blitz (Nic Salts)

  • $19.99

A flavorful burst of mouthwatering, sweet and refreshing watermelon that will raid your taste buds. This sweet, juicy watermelon is a fruit lover’s dream!

All Day Vapor has revolutionized the nic salt experience, creating deliciously complex blends while satisfying the needs of experienced and beginner vapers alike. Their e-liquids are designed to maintain maximum flavor and performance all without the use of any sweeteners, offering you a better vape that lasts longer.

All Day Vapor was created for mouth-to-lung vapors and beginners in mind. By offering superior flavors that provide you with an instant nicotine experience, we're bridging the gap between premium and traditional high PG liquids in a smooth enjoyable experience. Quality and flavor will no longer need to be sacrificed by those looking to make the switch!

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